Canon FPA-5510iZ Stepper

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Canon FPA-5510iZ Stepper

The FPA-5510iZ is a high throughput 4X i-line stepper that delivers a significant CoO advantage when exposing layers down to 280nm and is a perfect mix-and-match partner for 200mm and 300mm DUV scanners


The FPA-5510iZ incorporates Canon's many generations of step-and-repeat know-how into the highly successful and cost effective FPA-5500 platform to provide an improved system offering superior overlay and throughput performance

The FPA-5510iZ overlay accuracy is reduced to 20nm through improvements to focus and tilt compensation accuracy, stage and environmental temperature control and auto-calibration functions

With its 4.5kW high-pressure Mercury Lamp, super-high transmittance optical system, dynamic aberration correction, faster-than-ever wafer stage and optimized wafer handling system, the FPA-5510iZ delivers and sustains high productivity for 200mm (160wph) and 300 mm wafers (100 wph)

Semiconductor Specifications

Model type: i-Line (365nm) Stepper
Wafer size: 300mm; 200mm
Resolution: ≤0.28µm *Annular
Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.45 ~ 0.57
Reticle size: 6in. (0.25in. thick)
Reduction ratio: 4:1
Field size: 26mm x 33mm
Overlay accuracy: ≤ 20nm (M+3)
Throughput: ≥100wph (300mm); ≥160wph (200mm)