Canon FPA-5550iZ Stepper

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Canon FPA-5550iZ Stepper

Canon has developed the FPA-5550iZ as a high throughput, 4X i-line mix and match stepper based on FPA-5500 platform that has been a proven winner since it was first launched in 2001. Canon i-line stepper technology meets the high throughput and stability requirements for memory manufacturing in Mega-fabs.


The FPA-5550iZ boasts 50% higher throughput when compared with the previous model, the FPA-5510iZ, by utilizing a high-acceleration stage that shortens wafer exposure time, optimized wafer feed time and improved alignment accuracy.

The FPA-5550iZ integrates Canon FPA-5500 series technologies and offers the high throughput for 300 mm wafers that is required in today's Mega-fabs.

The FPA-5550iZ series provides an option for Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF) usage, as do the FPA-6000 series tools. Utilizing SMIF systems allows significant productivity by automated reticle feeders while meeting mini-environmental requirements.

Semiconductor Specifications

Model type: i-Line (365nm) Stepper
Wafer size: 300mm
Resolution: ≤0.35µm
Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.45 ~ 0.57
Reticle size: 6in.
Reduction ratio: 4:1
Field size: 26mm x 33mm
Overlay accuracy: ≤ 18nm (M+3)

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