Nikon Optistation-3000 Water Inspection System

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Nikon Optistation-3000 Water Inspection System

Built upon Nikon's proven front end process technology, the OPTISTATION-3000 offers high-precision, ultra-fast inspection for 300mm wafers.

Its efficient transfer sequence, new robotic arm, FOUP opener, and enhanced macro observation functions all contribute to especially high yield rates making the OST-3000 a high-throughput wafer inspection powerhouse. In addition, the system provides the highest system reliability in its class, using a safety design that complies with SEMI standards.

Key Features

* Enhanced macro observation functions
* High transfer stability
* Extra-long working distance lens
* Transfer of warped wafers
* 200-300mm wafers on a single unit


Wafer size: 300 mm (SEMI / M1.15 / t = 750), 200 mm (SEMI / Please contact Nikon concerning the transfer of non-standard size wafers.)
Standard cassette types: FOUP, FOSB, and FFO
Micro inspection: Surface, backside, edge, and macro image capture functions
Wafer alignment: Non-contact alignment
Wafer transfer system: High-speed, multi-axis robot
Microscope: Nikon L300 300-mm wafer inspection microscope (brightfield/darkfield and DIC observation)
Expandability: 200-mm wafer transfer, deformed wafer transfer, and thin wafer transfer
Power usage: Power supply: 200 V AC 10%, max. 10A, 50/60 Hz
Vacuum: -66.7 kPa/-30 Nl/min
Stage: Manual vacuum contact stage with 360° rotation
System reliability: MTBF 1,500 hours, Up time > 95%

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