Panasonic 500kg Servo Positioner

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Panasonic 500kg Servo Positioner

Like all Panasonic positioners, the 500kg is built to move in harmony with our robots and is designed for maximum flexibility. Each positioner also comes standard with servo disconnect technology, as well as a host of software commands that allow flexibility while maintaining operator safety.

Our optional harmonized external axes control software makes setting welding speeds and other system parameters easy, reduces the number of taught points and ensures the optimum welding position.

Panasonic positioners are a building block for all our PerformArc welding systems. "Dice" positioners can be used in system designs as main indexers, supplemental outboards, or in combination as skyhook style positioners.

By combining different models, you have nearly total positioning flexibility.

Features & Benefits

* 500kg payload with a rotating speed of 16r/min, a rotating torque of 490N¥m and a position repeatability of ±0.05mm
* Compact construction with hollow shaft for air and electrical wiring
* Applicable to CO2, MAG, MIG and TIG welding
* AC absolute encoder
* 500 amp rotary ground included