Panasonic CM212 Lean Modular Placement Machine

Panasonic Updated: 2008-07-28 RSS
Panasonic CM212 Lean Modular Placement Machine

Panasonic's new CM212 lean modular placement machine is all about utility - both in productivity and value.

With its flexible module selection, intelligent component feeders and direct tray capability for a wide array of components - the CM212's placement tact time is 0.065 s/chip (55,300). That's 135% up over its predecessor - and it can accommodate 160 feeders.

Fully compatible with the CM402 series, the CM212 shares placement data, ease of use, and placement nozzles. Additionally, 8mm double/12mm wide-or-more tape feeders and bulk/stick feeders are also compatible.

Features & Benefits

* Economical solution for lean manufacturing
* Common platform providing high speed direct tray productivity
* Widest component range from 0603 chips to 100 x 90mm ensure continual production
* World-class compatibility with industry-proven reliability
* Excellent cost performance