Panasonic DMX Super Die Bonder

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Panasonic DMX Super Die Bonder

Panasonic's DMX is a world-class, high-productivity die bonder supporting 200mm and 300mm wafers. The eight-nozzle head system offers unparalleled productivity, providing results that are nearly 300% greater than conventional die bonders. The 3-beam mechanism and multi-nozzle bond head provide substrate recognition and both pre- and post-bond inspection.

The high-speed and volumetric epoxy writing system provide for increased productivity of up to 8,000 UPH (actual cycle). Seven (7) standard patterns are installed with free pattern programmability. Multi-beam parallel processing supports wafer (die) recognition, multi-nozzle bonding and substrate recognition (pre- and postbond inspection).

Features & Benefits

* Flexible for ultra thin die, Semi S2/S8 option
* Near zero transport time for increased machine utilization
* Wafer mapping software capability
* High speed positive displacement dispensing
* Accurate to +/- 25 microns, die size: 0.25mm to 25.4mm