Panasonic FCX501 Flip Chip

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Panasonic FCX501 Flip Chip

The FCX501 is ideally suited to the mass production of a variety of compact high-frequency electronic devices. This machine is dedicated to the ultrasonic and thermosonic flip chip bonding processes (GGI, MDB), which create a monometallic bond with high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Excellent throughput results from a mechanism that eliminates bottlenecks for the chip supply system. Panasonic's unique automatic vision recognition system ensures that dies are picked up and bonded precisely.

Digitally controlled force and ultrasonic power with up to ten step bond profiles.

Features & Benefits

* Fast - capable of 3,600 UPH including bond time
* Highly accurate to +/- 10 microns
* Loaded - thermosonic bonder, dual wafer option and automatic wafer feed
* Ideal for device manufacturing and ceramic substrates
* Small footprint maximizes area productivity (1 meter x 1 meter including loader/unloader)