Panasonic HDF Adhesive Dispense Machine

Panasonic Updated: 2008-07-28 RSS
Panasonic HDF Adhesive Dispense Machine

Temperature, viscosity or remaining adhesive amount have no affect on the stability of adhesive application by Panasonic's HDF adhesive dispense machine. Its screw-type application head ensures stable dispensing at 0.07 s/shot.

A range of 3 adhesive nozzle types allow the operator to freely set the amount of adhesive application.

Features & Benefits

* Screw-type head for stable high-speed application
* Three nozzle types ensure versatility
* Compact design fits within the area of the high-speed placement machine for superior productivity
* Handles board sizes from 50mm X 50mm to 510mm X 460mm
* Speeds up to 0.07 s/shot