Panasonic HT122/HT132 High Speed SMD Placement Machine

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Panasonic HT122/HT132 High Speed SMD Placement Machine

The HT122 and HT132 are high-speed SMD placement machines by Panasonic with excellent productivity and exceptional placement quality. A 6 nozzle, 18-head rotary head system and increased X-Y table speed allow maximum placement speed of 0.066 s/chip (54,500 CPH), 0603 (0201) narrow spacing, and CSP all-ball detection.

The rigid die-cast frame, new lightweight placement head, and recognition camera system enable further evolution of precise component placement from microchips to BGA's and CSP's. Placement accuracy of 50 µm is possible.

The Mega-pixel recognition camera with reflective/transmissive component recognition and a high-resolution measurement of component thickness provide highly accurate placement of components from 0603 (0201) microchips to 24(L) X 24(W) QFP's.

Features & Benefits

* Maximum speed of 54,500 CPH
* 0201 narrow spacing placement
* BGA and CSP all-ball detection placement
* Up to 300 unique 8mm components