Panasonic IPAC Integrated-Process

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Panasonic IPAC Integrated-Process

Do you want to multiply your manufacturing flexibility, save space and have interest in system in pkg (SiP), multi-die in pkg and stacked pkg on pkg (PoP)?

IPAC (Integrated Process Assembly Cell) fulfills your equipment modularity needs with configurable modules that provide versatile, upgradeable technology for today's and tomorrow's products. It's continuously configurable.

The IPAC is the first truly modular line to combine the high-volume manufacturing potential of SMT and microelectronics into one platform. Four primary modules: die attach/flip chip, chip shooter, odd form, and dispenser are available - designed to build smaller packages and circuits, such as SiP's, with mixed technology and high density.

Available within IPACs small footprint (less than one meter) are dual lanes with four placement stages, dual gantry robot heads, and alternating lane placement sequencing with a competitive useful tool life of up to ten years.

In addition to its low cost of ownership, the IPAC is incredibly versatile, highly accurate (to 10 microns), easy to use, and upgradeable for future requirements.

IPAC breaks the norm, increasing your return on investment.

Features & Benefits

* Award winning design
* Dual lane with 4 placement stages for the utmost in productivity
* Dual gantry for flexibility
* Dual robot heads for maximized UPH
* Common operating system across models
* Small footprint - less than 1 square meter, maximizes your factory floor
* Easy to use front access to parts supply
* Dual Camera for increased vision flexibility across a range of parts
* Fast - speeds up to 36,000 cph
* Upgradeable for future requirements