Panasonic KF-350/500 Arc Welder

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Panasonic KF-350/500 Arc Welder

Cost-efficient. Clean. Consistent.

The Panasonic KF series power supplies provide simple, efficient and dependable operation. They are designed to maximize welding performance while minimizing spatter. A special idle power saving circuit also reduces power consumption, which ensures lower operating costs.

For most conventional applications the KF-350/500 has an exceptionally low total cycle cost compared to other welding packages.

Each package incorporates a power supply, wire feeder and remote control pendant.

Features & Benefits

* Includes idle "power saving circuit" - reducing power consumption as well as operating costs
* Runs in low noise level
* Trigger latching capability on long welds to reduce operator fatigue
* Excellent welding performance for Argon mixed gases and 100% CO2