Panasonic MG-ED82W Discharging Machine

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Panasonic MG-ED82W Discharging Machine

Bore holes. Cut slots. Machine shafts. All at microscopic dimensions previously impossible. The MG-ED82W micro electro discharging machine gives you high-quality micro machining of conductive materials down to dimensions as small as 5µm.

From tool-quality quenched steel and carbide to highly fragile materials such as ferrite, any conductive material is eligible. Micro-EDM provides minimized electrical discharges, almost to a negligible amount, that produces cleaner, more accurate shapes than energy beam technologies.

Our unique WEDG technology, which comes standard with our machines, allows you to profile-grind your own tool electrodes on the same machine, so you can perform the entire micro-EDM process on one desktop unit.

Features & Benefits

* Produce holes as small as 5µm with depths of five times the diameter
* Achieve surface roughness of only 0.1µm Rmax
* Use of relaxation generator as the pulse electro-discharge generating circuit substantially reduces power levels and provides greater precision
* Positioning parameters of less than 1µm for maximum repeat machining accuracy
* Especially suited to micro-machine electronic circuit elements on silicon wafers