Panasonic PA42 Pre-Engineered System

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Panasonic PA42 Pre-Engineered System

Flexible. Safe. Supported. Ready to Go.

Accepting typical part sizes of: 12" x 56", 18" x 36", 24" x 26"

The PerformArc 42 workcell is one of Panasonic's pre-engineered welding solutions. Unlike other systems, the PA 42 arrives fully assembled and ready to perform - getting you up and running in minutes.

This complete cell includes a Panasonic 6-axis arc welding robot, digitally interfaced welding power supply, two large stationary work surfaces and a fully integrated safety environment.

All from one vendor: Panasonic - supporting you today and tomorrow, 24/7/365.

Features & Benefits

* Optimally designed to use 83% of the robot work envelope to weld both small and larger parts in the same workcell
* Two stations allow welding on both sides or welding on one while performing fixture changeover on the other
* Typical Part Sizes: 12" x 56", 18" x 36", 24" x 26"
* Integrated controls package flattens the operator learning curve
* Exclusive Windows™ CE-based teach pendant provides a user-friendly interface that enhances productivity and complete offline operator training capabilities
* Designed to meet ANSI RIA 15.06-1999, UL 1740, NFPA 79, and CSA Z434