Panasonic PSX303 Plasma Cleaner

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Panasonic PSX303 Plasma Cleaner

The PSX303 plasma cleaner provides 150% the productivity of conventional models.

Ultra-thin gold plated electrodes can be wire bonded reliably without nickel compound formation via argon plasma treatment. Gold plating savings alone can provide ROI justification.

Other capabilities include surface modification by oxygen plasma improving mold resin adhesion and under-fill wettability, reducing incidence of peel-off, voids, and cracks.

Panasonic plasma cleaning equipment sets the standard; thereby, refining tomorrow's technology today.

Features & Benefits

* High speed, uniform parallel plate plasma cleaner
* Reliably accurate quality from Panasonic
* Fast - up to 360 substrates/strips per hour
* Highly productive - inline processing for improved bonding, over molding and underfill
* Semi S2/S8 compliant