Panasonic UV Laser Wafer Scriber

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Panasonic UV Laser Wafer Scriber

Panasonic's UV laser scriber has a complete laser optics bench that offers flexibility to fit the specific application - the result of PFSA's experience in high volume microelectronic manufacturing and expertise in productivity.

The laser scriber enables the non-mechanical scribing and dicing of wafers. Primary uses include application for low and ultra-low 'K' wafers as well as non-mechanical scribing over metalized portions in the wafer streets which enables smaller kerf widths - allowing for greater numbers of die per wafer.

The UV Scriber enables sample builds for next generation products and maximizes die-level densities to reduce costs and increase profits.

Features & Benefits

* Low K scribing with superior quality over mechanical dicing
* Next generation supported via sample builds
* Configurable for development of future capabilities
* Increase profits by optimizing die-level density
* HVM capable today