Toshiba Partially Filled LF502 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-17
Toshiba Partially Filled LF502 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The LF502 is a magmeter for partially-filled pipes.

This magmeter has an improved functional magnetic field distribution technique enabling a high-precision flow measurement from low-level to fully-filled flow conditions.

In addition to these characteristics, the LF502 does not allow mud, sands, and other solid sediment to stay at the bottom of the detector pipe and is unaffected by wave or floating solids on the fluid surface.

The LF502 also has unique structures such as the positioning of the electrodes, thus eliminating unnecessary piping work such as lifting the downstream pipe section to fill the detector pipe. The lineup of LF502 are 150mm(6 inch), 200mm(8 inch), 250mm(10inch), 300mm(12 inch), 350mm(14 inch), 400mm(16 inch), 500mm(20 inch), and 600mm(24 inch).