Toshiba TCNV485-232C Signal Converter

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-18
Toshiba TCNV485-232C Signal Converter

The TCNV485-232C is a RS485 to RS232 converter. It is primarily used to go from a computers RS232 port to the RS485 port on a PLC. It can also be used to go from the RS232 port on a PLC to the RS485 port on a higher level controller. The TCNV485-CMOS is a RS485 to CMOS/TTL converter. It is primarily used with ASDs (Adjustable Speed Drives) that do not have an RS485 port but need to be networked to a higher level controller.

Key Features

Universal RS232/CMOS to RS422/RS485 Converter Specification
Power Supply  24 VDC +/- 10 %, 80 mA max. Isolation between communication ports and power supply through DC-DC coupler is 1KV.
Communication Two ports as follows:
COM2 : RS422 / RS485
Isolation between communication ports through Opto-isolation is 1KV for 1 minute.
Data Rates Up to 115.2 kbps.
Distance  Externally powered units transmit up to 4000ft (1200m) at RS485 side
(Less with port powering)
Temperature  Operating: 0 to 60 ?C
Storage: - 40 to 90 ?C
Humidity 10% to 90% (Non condensing)
Immunity to ESD Level 3 as per IEC1000-4-2
Immunity to Transients  Level 3 as per IEC1000-4-4
Radiated Susceptibility Level 3 as per IEC1000-4-3
Emissions  EN55011 CISPR A
Certifications  CE and CSA
Dimensions  101mm (L) X 40mm (D) X 51mm (W) (DIN RAIL mounting)
Mounting  Back Panel DIN Rail
Weight  125 g approximately