Toshiba V-Series S2E/S2T Small Powerful Modular Style Programmable Controller

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-18
Toshiba V-Series S2E/S2T Small Powerful Modular Style Programmable Controller

Toshiba's S2E/S2T controllers are small, modular type programmable controllers suitable for simple relay replacement all the way to complex control applications. The S2E/S2T are 3rd generation T2 Series CPUs used with V-Series racks, I/O, and power supplies. The S2E/S2T provides a functional, economical, and compact solution to a wide range of applications in automotive, machine control, and process control systems.

Key Features

S2E/ST2 Specification
Control Method  Stored program cyclic scan method
Processor  Overall control: 32-bit microprocessor
Instruction execution: Special designed language processor (LP)
Station Bus  S2T only
I/O Method  Batch I/O (refresh with main task), direct I/O, or combination
Number of I/O Points  1024 points (when 32 points I/O used)
2048 points (when 64 points I/O used)
Local I/O memory: 8192 bits/512 words (1 word = 16 bits)
Application program  Programming Language  Ladder diagram (relay symbol + function block)
Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
Program Capacity  Steps: S2E=32K, S2T=32K (PU662T), S2T=64K (PU672T). Includes comments.
Memory  Main memory: SRAM (battery back-up)
Auxiliary memory: Flash memory (for program backup).
Instruction Set  Basic ladder instructions: 24 types Function instructions: 206 types
Sequence (contact, coil, timer, counter, etc.)
Data transfer (single word / double word, register table)
Arithmetic (single word / double word, binary / BCD, signed / unsigned, floating-point)
Logic operation (single word/double word, register table, bit table)
Compare (single word / double word, signed / unsigned, floating-point)
Program control (jump, For-Next, subroutine, SFC, etc.)
Functions (limit, trigonometric, square root, integral, PID, function generator, etc.)
Conversion (ASCII, BCD, 7-Seg, double word integer / floating-point real)
Execution Speed  S2E: 0.11?s / contact, 0.22?s / coil, 0.65?s / transfer, 1.08?s / addition, 17.3?s / floating-point mpl.
S2T: 0.09?s / contact, 0.18?s / coil, 0.54?s / transfer, 0.90?s / addition, 12.1?s / floating-point mpl
Scan System  Floating scan or constant scan (constant: 10 to 200ms, 10ms units)
Multi-Tasking  1 Main program
4 Sub-program (1 initial task fixed)
1 Timer interrupt (interval: 1 to 1000ms, 1ms units)
8 I/O interrupt (task switch 500µs or less)
256 Subroutines