Logitech SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse

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Logitech SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse

The affordable way to get started with 3D. Fly over the Eiffel tower at Mach 2, plan your house remodel, or walk through next weekend's cycling trip. All from your chair or sofa.


* Natural 3D navigation: Advanced sensor technology makes the SpaceNavigator 3D mouse a virtual extension of your body. Using the SpaceNavigator device is highly intuitive and totally natural. Push, pull, and rotate the control cap to simultaneously adjust altitude, speed, and direction on the fly—without stopping to press keys or choose commands.


* Universal compatibility: Works with all your favorite 3D applications—on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
* Affordable precision: Step up to advanced 3D technology—at a price that's comparable with many 2D mice.
* Space saving: The small footprint of the SpaceNavigator™ controller conserves space. Your work area remains uncluttered, even if you're also using a conventional mouse.

Technical Specifications

o 6 degrees-of-freedom optical sensor
o 2 programmable function keys
o Weight: 479 grams

Package Contents

o SpaceNavigator™ 3D mouse
o CD with 3Dconnexion software
o User's guide
o Full product support (not in box)
o 3-year limited hardware warranty