Vantec NBK-MH100 Mobile Keypad

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Vantec NBK-MH100 Mobile Keypad

Wish your laptop had a 10-key? The Vantec Mobile Keypad is the solution for you. The lightweight, ergonomic design provides the 19 keys commonly found on extended keyboards as well as 4 function keys that can quickly open commonly used applications. Not only is the Mobile Keypad USB plug-and-play, it also serves as a 2-port USB hub giving you the ability to connect more USB devices. If you find yourself typing in numbers frequently, the Vantec Mobile Keypad makes it very easy.

* Direct Access to Calculator, Email, and Web Browser
* Dual USB 1.1 Ports
* Slim and Ergonomic Design
* Ideal for Finance and Accounting Professionals
* Skid Proof Rubber Feet
* Elevating Leg for Comforting Gesture
* Powered by USB
* Hot Swappable and Plug & Play
* "00" Key Available

Model: NBK-MH100

System Requirements:
* Notebook / Desktop PC with One Available USB Port

Package Contents:
Vantec Mobile Kaypad/ User Manual/ Driver CD