Cuisinart CDF-300 Deep Fryer

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Cuisinart CDF-300 Deep Fryer

Make restaurant-quality deep-fried food – crispy chicken, light tempuras, golden onion rings, and calamari with crunch - right at home! The Cuisinart™ Deep Fryer has an extra-wide 9" x 9" fry basket that holds items with minimal stacking, so food cooks crispier all around. A heating element, permanently affixed to the underside of the quality die-cast frying bowl, keeps oil at peak frying temperature. The bowl lifts out to empty and clean. Our Deep Fryer fries more food in less oil than most other fryers, too, and temperature adjusts to 375˚F for perfect results, no matter what's cooking!

Product Features

Elegant brushed stainless steel with embossed logo
High performance. The heating element is permanently affixed to the underside of the die-cast frying bowl for direct heat transfer
Removable nonstick die-cast frying bowl. Bowl lifts out and is fully immersible
Adjustable temperature control from 325° – 375°F
30-minute timer
Convenient design. Basket clip allows fried food to be set over frying bowl to drain; the side handle is designed to hold the lid when not in use
Large capacity, less oil – fries up to 3 lbs. in only 2.2L of oil
Easy to clean. The lid, fryer basket and basket handle are all top rack dishwasher-safe
1500 watts
Permanent washable filter
Limited 3-year warranty

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