Cuisinart FRC-800 Rice Plus Multi-Cooker

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Cuisinart FRC-800 Rice Plus Multi-Cooker

Cuisinart Rice Plus™ Multi-Cooker with Fuzzy Logic Technology

Cuisinart introduces a smarter way to cook rice... and a lot of other dishes, as well. Introducing the Rice Plus™ Multi-Cooker, the first product from Cuisinart with advanced fuzzy logic technology. This built-in "brain" senses fluctuations in cooking and automatically adjusts operation to ensure perfect results. With pre-programmed settings for six types of rice, plus oatmeal, soup, steam, slow cooking, and more - and easy dishwasher cleanup - this is destined to become a favorite.

Color white
Model # FRC-800

Product Features

Equipped with fuzzy logic technology for perfect results every time
Pre-programmed menu options including White Rice, Sushi Rice, Brown Rice, Risotto, Oatmeal, Slow Cooking, Steaming, and Soup, as well as Quick Cooking and a Reheat function
Automatically switches to Keep Warm after cooking is complete, for up to 24 hours
Programmable Finish Time allows user to set when dish will be ready
Makes up to 15 cups of cooked rice
Non-stick aluminum cooking pot
Easy-to-use/easy-to-read control panel and backlit blue LCD display for easy use
Removable steam release and inner lid for easy cleaning
All removable parts are dishwasher safe
Includes steaming rack, measuring cup, rice paddle and spoon
Basic to gourmet recipes included
Limited 3-year warranty

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