Cuisinart GG-2 Grill/Griddle

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Cuisinart GG-2 Grill/Griddle

Everyone knows Cuisinart products save time and now they save space, as well. The Cuisinart™ Grill & Griddle has a large reversible, nonstick plate to make it two appliances in one. An embedded heating element lets you evenly grill poultry, meats, fish and vegetables. Not in the mood to grill? Flip the cooking plate and set the electric thermostat to perfectly cook pancakes, eggs, crab cakes or fajitas!

Product Features

Reversible grill and griddle cooking plate

Nonstick 18" x 10.5" cooking surface

Embedded heating element

Adjustable temperature control with settings Warm to Sear

Safety interlock prevents cooking without base

Drip Pan

Cleaning/scraping tool

Instruction/Recipe book

Limited 3-year warranty

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