Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler

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Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler

The Cuisinart™ Griddler® makes "multifunctional" an understatement! Make perfect panini... plus! With four separate cooking options, it can handle everything from pancakes to sausages to grilled cheese to steaks, hamburgers and panini. It helps you prepare more servings of more kinds of food in less time, so you can cook for a crowd -- no one has to wait!

Simply change the cooking plates and adjust the floating hinge to use the Griddler as a Contact Grill, a Panini Press, or your choice of an extra-large double Open Grill or Griddle.

Color brushed_stainless
Model # GR-4

Product Features

Contact grill, panini press, flat grill and griddle
Removable, nonstick grill and griddle plates
Cooking plates drain grease for healthy cooking
Hinged, floating cover adjusts to thickness of food
Selector knob with "power on" indicator light
Two adjustable temperature controls with indicator lights
Brushed stainless steel and cool-touch housing
Two drip cups
Cleaning/scraping tool
Instruction/Recipe book
Limited 3-year warranty, backed by the Cuisinart reputation for quality

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