Cuisinart PTK-330 PerfecTemp Teakettle

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Cuisinart PTK-330 PerfecTemp Teakettle

Enjoy the aromas, body and overall character of teas like never before with the PerfecTemp® 3-quart Teakettle from Cuisinart! Tea is at its best when brewed at the proper temperature, and the built-in precision temperature gauge provides the exact water temperature to brew every variety of tea properly. The perfect cup of tea not only delivers optimum flavor, it is also brimming with benefits! Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, a great tasting cup of tea at its fullest flavor is good for you!

Color white red black
Model # PTK-330R

Product Features

Perfect Temperature Control
Precise temperature gauge indicates the correct water temperature to provide the ideal cup of tea or coffee

Premium Construction
Porcelain enamel exterior and interior with iron core heats up quickly and retains heat well

Optimum Benefits
The perfect brewing temperature yiels the best tea flavor and allows the realease of antioxidants

Energy Saving Design
Reduce unnecessary boiling or re-boiling by always knowing the exact water temperature

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