Cuisinart SMO-56 Smooth Operator

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Cuisinart SMO-56 Smooth Operator

The Cuisinart® Smooth Operator® is the perfect party blender, with a dispenser tap on the front to serve up to 56 ounces of exotic frozen drinks to delighted guests. With 1500 watts of pulse power, the Smooth Operator® blends faster and smoother, for the ultimate fresh fruit smoothies, protein shakes, and puréed soups. Simple to operate, easy to clean, and elegant in brushed chrome and stainless with our trademark embossed logo, this blender is a stunning addition to today's best-looking kitchens.

Product Features

Brushed chrome housing with stainless accents
56 ounce glass blender jar
1500-watts of pulse power
Dispenser tap
Dispenser plug is interchangeable with dispenser tap
Blending stick
2 ounce measured pour lid
Push-button controls with LED indicators: off, on, high, low, pulse
Removable parts are dishwasher-safe
Push-in cord storage
Limited 3-year warranty

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