Cuisinart SPB-10 PowerBlend 600 Blender

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Cuisinart SPB-10 PowerBlend 600 Blender

Cuisinart boosts both power and capacity to take blending to the next level. Our new line of high-performance blenders includes this 7-speed deluxe model that can handle any task that comes along.

A powerful 500-watt motor mixes up 56 ounces of spectacular fruit smoothies in record time. Preprogrammed speed controls are lined up alongside an oversized on/off switch to let users Pulse, Stir, Mix, Purée, Chop, Liquefy or Crush Ice with the touch of a button.

Customers love this big blender because when the job is done, the jar and lid go right into the dishwasher!

Product Features

Powerful 500-watt motor
Large 56-oz. glass blender jar
Clear 2-oz. measured pour lid
7-speed touchpad controls with LED indicators: Off, On,
Pulse, Stir, Chop, Mix, Purée, Liquefy and Ice Crush
All removable parts are dishwasher-safe
Convenient push-in cord storage
Limited 3-year warranty

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