Cuisinart SPB-6 SmartPower Classic Blender

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Cuisinart SPB-6 SmartPower Classic Blender

Cuisinart simplifies blending without sacrificing power or performance.

This 500-watt SmartPower Classic Blender features 6 preset speeds for the most popular blending functions and calls out the names on a single, easy-to-use rotary dial. Guarantees the right blend for any task.

Includes Cuisinart's Instant Pulse, LED indicators, 50-ounce stainless steel jar, and, as always, dishwasher-safe parts for effortless cleanups.

Product Features

Powerful 500-watt motor
50-ounce stainless steel jar
Easy push-on cover with 1-ounce measured pour lid
6-speed dial control: mix, chop, liquefy, purée, stir and push-button ice crush
Push-button controls include on, off, pulse
Recipe/Instruction Book
Limited 3-year warranty

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