Cuisinart TCS-60 Turbo Convection Steamer

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Cuisinart TCS-60 Turbo Convection Steamer

The Turbo Convection Steamer is equipped with a convection fan that circulates the steam 33% faster and easier. With an extra-large 6-quart steaming tray and a removable water reservoir with cooking and time indicators, the Turbo Convection Steamer can cook family size meals. It can also cook up to 5 cups of rice at a time! With easy-to-use dial controls, an additional steaming tray, and an automatic turn-off, this new Cuisinart® steamer is not only high in performance and reliability, but high in safety too.

Product Features

Convection Fan Circulates Steam for 33% Faster Cooking
Extra Large 6-quart Steaming Tray
Easy-to-use Dial Controls
Timer with Automatic Shutoff
5-quart Rice Bowl
Additional Steaming Tray
Removable Water Reservoir with Cooking Time Indicators
Instruction Book
Limited 3-year Warranty

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