KitchenAid BCG100 Blade Coffee Grinder

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KitchenAid BCG100 Blade Coffee Grinder

The KitchenAid® blade coffee grinder offers you matchless convenience and exceptional performance for great-tasting coffee at any time of the day.

Product Features

* Powerful blade action grinds beans finely enough for drip coffee or coarsely enough for French Press brewing
* Grinds either regular or flavored coffee beans
* Clear top allows you to check grind size at a glance
* Dual interlock system prevents blade from operating until top cover is locked onto bowl
* Brushed stainless steel bowl has etched markings that allow you to adjust the amount of coffee grounds

Powerful Motor: 200 Watts
Pulse Control

Heavy-duty Motor Housing
High-Impact Cover
Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl

Etched Capacity Markings
Dual Interlock System

Weight: 2.3 US pound
Depth: 4 13/32
Height: 8 1/2
Width: 4 13/32