LG LDF7811 Dishwasher

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LG LDF7811 Dishwasher

Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Hidden Controls and Visible Status Display

LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation
Now you can talk on the phone or listen to the TV or the radio in your kitchen while the dishwasher is running. A combination of sound reducing material and the Slim Direct Drive Motor decrease the noise level.

Built-in Food Disposer
The stainless steel blade breaks up food particles which are then flushed down the drain, leaving you no messy baskets to empty.

24 inches of usable capacity in the stainless steel tub allow you to wash up to 16 place settings or a variety of pots, pans, flatware, and stemware.

Fully Integrated Electronic Control Panel with Digital Status Display
The dishwasher controls located on the top of the door provide a beautiful exterior appearance while the visible status display keeps you informed of the cycle progress.

* XL Tall Tub cleans up to 16 place settings at once
* Design-A-Rack System allows for maximum loading flexibility
* Adjustable Upper Rack allows storage of 12" plates in the upper rack
* Folding Tines & Take Out Tines make instant room for larger items
* 3-1 Cutlery Baskets can be snapped together or separated for placement in either the Upper or Lower Racks
* Stemware Holder secures wine glasses, goblets and champagne flutes but also doubles as a double decker rack for storage of smaller cups

Performance and Conservation
* Premium LoDecibel Quiet Operation
* SenseClean Washing System
* 6 Wash Cycles with 3 Spray Arms
* Sanitary Cycle
* Half Load Cleaning
* Multi-Level Water Direction
* Detergent and Auto Rinse Dispenser
* Slim Direct Drive Motor
* Water Heater
* Disposer/Self Cleaning & Auto Reversing Filter
* Delay Start up to 24 hours

Style and Design
* Fully Integrated Electronic Control Panel with hidden controls
* Visible Digital Status Display
* Premium Color Palette of Stainless Steel, White and Black with Matching Metal Handle
* Stainless Steel XL Tub
* Nylon Coated Racks and Tines with rounded tips