LG LRE30755SB Electric Range

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LG LRE30755SB Electric Range

5.6 cu.ft. Freestanding Electric Range

Spacious 5.6 cu.ft. Capacity
Cooking for a full house is no longer a tight squeeze with LG's 5.6 cu.ft. electric range. Not only can you cook a large turkey, but you'll have room for biscuits and a casserole too. The elegant blue interior complements the exterior styling and gives your range a more premium look.

EvenJet™ Advanced Convection System
Ensure that all of your food is evenly cooked with the EvenJet™ Advanced Convection System. The S-Shaped fan circulates hot air throughout the cavity, and that means fewer cold spots inside the oven.

IntuiTouch™ Control System with IntuiScroll™ Display
Easy to use and easy to clean, the IntuiTouch™ Control System with scrolling IntuiScroll™ display makes operating your range a snap. The left side of the panel mirrors the cooktop elements, while the right side controls the oven functions.

Cooking Performance
* 5.6 cu.ft. Capacity
* True Convection
* EvenJet™ Advanced Convection System
* Convection Bake
* Convection Roast
* 5 Cooktop Elements with Warming Zone

Style and Design
* Elegant Blue Interior
* WideView™ Window
* Available in Premium Stainless Steel finish

Convenience Features
* IntuiTouch™ Control System
* IntuiScroll™ Scrolling Display
* Auto Recipe Conversion
* Self-Cleaning
* 2 Full-Width / 1 Split Racks with 7 Rack Positions
* GoCook™ Smart Oven Light
* Warming Drawer