LG LRG30357ST Gas Range

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LG LRG30357ST Gas Range

5.0 cu.ft. Freestanding Gas Range
LG has taken cooking to the next level by perfecting the way you cook. From an array of enhanced features to the look of the commercial style knobs, our ranges are a great addition to any kitchen. The SmoothTouch™ glass controls operate with the touch of a finger and make cleanup effortless. Cooking is even more efficient with the SuperBoil™ power burner which brings large amounts of liquid to a quick boil.

Style and Design
With LG's ranges, expect the ultimate in premium styling and technology. By adding more feature benefits and stylish controls, our ranges are the most distinctive in style and sophistication.

One Touch Controls
LG offers the perfect harmony between style and convenience. The SmoothTouchTM controls are attractive, easy to use and effortless wipe clean.

One of the most powerful burners available in a freestanding range. Our 16.5K BTU burner enables you to bring large amounts of water to a rapid boil resulting in faster cooking time.

Simmer Burner
This feature can maintain a low 700 BTU setting which is excellent for delicate cooking tasks such as melting butter or chocolate.

Wideview™ Window
Allows you to easily check the progress of a meal in the oven without having to open the door.