Panasonic SR-2363Z Electric Rice Cooker

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Panasonic SR-2363Z Electric Rice Cooker

Panasonic's Electric Rice Cooker is ideal for restaurants, banquets, supermarkets, catering, and institutional applications. Includes Automatic Cooking Setting, Superior Holding Capability, Heavy Duty Non-Stick Coated Plan, Locking Lid with Silicone Rubber Seal and Magnetic Rice Scoop Holder

Automatic Cooking Feature
This feature makes the rice cooker easy to use. It automatically cooks the rice and switches to the keep warm feature when cooking is done.

Superior Holding
Not only does it have a heater on the bottom but the sides too, to keep rice moist throughout the pan.

Heavy Duty Non-stick Coated Pan
Non-stick, removable coated pan makes for easy cleanup and helps prevent cooked rice from sticking.

Locking Lid with Silicone Rubber Seal
Maintains proper pressure and moisture to eliminate soggy and mushy rice for better tasting rice.

Magnetic Rice Scoop Holder
For added convenience, the rice scoop holder can be attached to the body of the rice cooker.

20-Cup Capacity
The SR-2363Z can cook up to approximately 50-60, 3 oz. servings in 30 minutes or less.

NSF Approved
The SR-2363Z is built with durability and attention to safety that has earned certification with the National Sanitation Foundation.

Easy-to-use Carrying Handles
Convenient carrying handles provides easy maneuverability and transportation.

Multi-Language Operating Instructions


Capacity: 20 Cups (6 oz cup) uncooked rice
Keep Warm Feature: 4 Hours* 1
NSF Certified: Yes

Color: White Stripe
Lid Type: Stainless Steel Lid
Pan Type: Aluminum Alloy Pan
Shut-Off: Automatic
Power Consumption: 1400W
Power Supply: 120V AC, 60
Dimensions (H x W x D): 14.2'' x 16.9'' x 14.8''
Weight: 21 lbs

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