SHARP KB-4425LS Insight Range

SHARP Updated: 2007-11-23
SHARP KB-4425LS Insight Range

Introducing a new generation of Sharp’s remarkable Insight Pro® Range. This 3-in-1 cooking center combines a glass ceramic cooktop, a convection and conventional oven, and the world's first Microwave Drawer®. This space-saving appliance occupies a width of only 30 inches, yet offers the capacity to microwave a 9" x 13" pan of lasagna and roast a 25-pound turkey. Its wealth of practical features includes a user-friendly touch-screen offering step-by-step directions and helpful tips. Front-mounted glass touch controls are angled for convenience and safety. The smooth glass ceramic cooktop includes a warming zone to make meal coordination simple. Two EZ Pull oven racks let you slide even the heaviest turkey out of the oven with ball bearing ease.

Sharp’s renowned sensor technology makes microwaving foods virtually foolproof. And the automatic Microwave Drawer opens with the touch of a button.

Insight Pro’s "True European Convection" features a powerful third heating element and convection fan that continuously circulates hot air throughout the lower oven cavity for more even cooking. Convection broiling lets you keep the door closed, helping meats brown beautifully while sealing in juices. And Custom Conversion technology pinpoints exact time and temperature for specific foods when converting recipes from conventional to convection baking or roasting.

The KB-4425L offers the design flexibility of a "slide-in" range with a seamless, built-in appearance between the range and countertop.

Also available in Black: KB-4425LK and White: KB-4425LW.


World’s First Microwave Drawer
provides superb access and allows stirring food without removing the dish.

True European Convection Cooking System
incorporates a third rear heating element and fan that continually circulates hot air throughout the lower oven cavity for more even cooking.

Custom Conversion Technology
pinpoints the exact time and temperature settings for specific foods, adjusting automatically.

Warming Zone
enables you to keep foods warm making meal coordination simple.

Front-mounted glass touch controls
are angled for convenience and safety, eliminating the need to lean over a hot cooktop.

High-Tech LCD Touch-screen Navigation for Microwave and Lower Oven
guides you through the cooking process with step-by-step directions and helpful tips.

Compact 3-in-1 design
allows the use of a stylish range hood or even a Sharp Over the Range microwave.

Cost-effective solution
requires virtually no installation. Ideal for open-plan kitchens, islands and tight spaces.

Microwave sensor technology
eliminates guesswork when cooking or reheating your favorite foods.

EZ Pull Oven Racks
are ideal for heavier foods, even a 25 lb. turkey. Two EZ Pull racks are included.

Type: Electric Slide-in
Display: Active LCD Touchscreen for microwave and lower oven
Cooktop: Electric glass ceramic cooktop
Microwave Drawer: Sensor, 1.0 cu. ft. 1000W, Automatic Opening Drawer
Lower Oven: True European Convection with third element, EZ Pull Racks
Color: Stainless: KB-4425LS;Black: KB-4425LK;White: KB-4425LW