Saeco Idea Luxe Professional Coffee Machine

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Saeco Idea Luxe Professional Coffee Machine

The Idea Luxe is Saeco's answer to high demands in the professional coffee world. The Idea Luxe's sleek zinc-plated. oven-cured. steel body is rust-proof and easy to clean. While at the same time. its proven. industrial strength. patented internal components are state-of-the-art. The Idea Luxe is built to create gourmet coffee quickly. efficiently… perfectly. At a push of a button. the Idea Luxe takes fresh whole beans from a 4.6-pound bean hopper. grinds them perfectly in a conical burr grinder. Every automatic process from this point on is fully programmable; the doser will tamp between 9 and 14 grams of coffee grounds. the pre-infusion time can be changed. the brew temperature can be raised or lowered. and the volume of water can be programmed. The Idea Luxe can make any kind of coffee. plus. it is designed for frequency; it has 3 separate circuits devoted to the three main functions of the machine. coffee. hot water. and the powerful steam function. Because the Idea Series is modular and the Idea Luxe has sister machines (Idea Cappuccino. Idea Cups). it can easily become a powerful and versatile tool in a demanding environment. The patented removable brew group is easy for anyone to clean. Just remove the brew group, rinse it under tap water and returned in its place in seconds.

Dimensions wxdxh: 20.7 x 26.5 x 21.5 in
Weight: 139 lbs
Gross weight
Power: 200/220/230/240V
Power Watt: 3250 W
Water boiler
Coffee boiler
Single phase: -
Motor: -
Coffee container: -
Capacity of the bean hopper: 4.6 lbs
Removable water tank / capacity
Copper boiler capacity
Quantity of ground coffee per serving: -
Power consumption: 3250 W
Three phase: -
Connections to water mains: Yes