Samsung DMR77LHS Dishwasher

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Samsung DMR77LHS Dishwasher

Ever wonder what it would be like to run your dishwasher and not have to compete with the distracting noise? Our dishwashers make it possible. A 6-layer insulation system reduces the sound level so that it's super quiet. Need more evidence? We also covered the entire base of the machine, to further decrease motor noise. And with options like a half load wash and delay start (up to 24 hours), you'll enjoy every feature the DMR77LHS has to offer.

key specifications

* Quiet Operation : 49 dBA
* Water Leakage Sensor : Yes (digital)
* # of Wash Cycles : 6
* Smart Auto Wash : Yes

quiet operation
Imagine watching TV or having a conversation on the phone and not having to compete with your dishwasher. With a SAMSUNG dishwasher noise is muffled with a 6-Layer Door Insulation System. And since the motor is located at the bottom of the machine, we've also concealed the entire base with our Advanced Motor Sound Insulation System. Enjoy peace and quiet in your kitchen with double-protection against bothersome noise.

hard food disposer
This SAMSUNG dishwasher does all the work for you and eliminates the need for pre-rinsing. Our triple filtration system connects to the garbage disposal and prevents residue build up in the bottom of the dishwasher - even the tiniest particles are removed!

touch display
SAMSUNG dishwashers make washing dishes effortless. With a smooth, easy-to-clean touch control and display, features are activated by a simple touch.

concealed heating component
Protect yourself from painful burns and prevent your plastic containers from melting. The heating source is cleverly concealed below the stainless-steel interior tub so you can safely wash and dry plastics in the lower rack.

loading flexibility
Afraid to wash delicate items like wine glasses? Can't fit those new larger 14" plates under the top rack? With a tilted, adjustable rack system, more space is provided to give you total freedom to load extra, even odd-sized items. It even easily accommodates large 14" plates with just a simple one-touch height adjustment. Have a small load and don't want to run the dishwasher? The half load option lets you do that.

leakage sensor
Prevent water leaks from damaging your home. Our leakage sensor detects even the smallest amounts of water and shuts off the electrical connection preventing any extensive damage to your floor.