Sanyo U-K170S Electric Kettle

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Sanyo U-K170S Electric Kettle

* 1.7-Liter Capacity (7 Cups)
* 1500 Watts
* Push-Button Lid with Top Window
* Concealed Heating Element
* Convenient 360° Swivel Base with Cord Storage
* Water Gauge Window
* Auto-Stop Boiling
* Boil-Dry Protection
* Blue LED Interior Light
* Stainless Steel Finish
* Bilingual Instruction Manual

With 1500 watts of power and a concealed heating element, this electric kettle quickly boils up to 7 cups of water, producing hot water for tea, hot chocolate, instant soup, and more--in half the time of a microwave oven. The kettle lifts off its 360-degree swivel power base for cordless pouring, can be set on the power base in any direction, and provides an easy on/off switch under the ergonomically designed handle. For safety, it features automatic shut-off with boil-dry protection to prevent it from operating without water, and to ensure the water doesn't boil away during operation, the unit shuts off automatically once the water reaches a full boil. Side and top water-gauge windows, along with a water-level indicator in ounces and liters, make it possible to see at a glance the amount of water remaining in the kettle. Other highlights include a push-button lid for convenient filling at the sink, a blue LED "on" interior light, cord storage underneath, and a removable and washable mesh filter that extends the life of the kettle and ensures better-tasting beverages. A bilingual instruction manual comes included. Housed in beautiful stainless steel, the electric kettle measures 9-1/5 by 6-4/5 by 10-1/5 inches.

This electric kettle from Sanyo has everything you need and more. With its sleek and convenient 360?? Swivel Base with Cord Storage this handy kettle is designed to have a permanent place at the kitchen counter, taking up minimal space. The water gauge window features and easy-to-read water level indicator that shows in ounces and liters the amount ready to boil. And it will automatically cut off power after the water boils a short while. No more dry boils! Features a removable and easy-to-clean mesh filter and a easy to use single switch operation. With the concealed heating element and the 1500 Watts of power, you'll have hot water in no time.

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