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Whirlpool DP840SWSX Portable Dishwasher

Whirlpool DP840SWSX Portable Dishwasher

Have the convenience of a Whirlpool® dishwasher even if you don't have the cabinet space to spare. With this portable dishwasher, you'll have space versatility and washing performance with the 3-level DuraWash™ wash system. Offers 5 cycles and 2 options including Pots & Pans, Rinse Only and Plate Warm to help you customize settings to meet your needs.

5 Cycles
Plate Warmer Cycle
Pots & Pans Cycle
2 Options
Large In-the-Rack Silverware Basket

EQ™ Wash System: DuraWash™
4 Stainless Steel Wash Arms: Straight 2 Arm
Number of Cycles: 5
Normal Cycle: Normal
Heavy Duty Cycle: Pots & Pans
Rinse Only Cycle: Rinse Only
Number of Options: 2
Heated Dry Option: Heated Dry
Hi Temp Wash Option: Hi Temp Wash

Quality Construction
Commerical Grade Stainless Steel Tub: Plastic
Tub Design: Standard
Durakote™ Nylon Racks: PVC
Sound Package: "I" Blanket

Loading Features
Capacity: 10 Place Settings
Silverware Basket: Large In-Rack SWB

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