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Whirlpool RCS3004RS Electric Coil Cooktop

Whirlpool RCS3004RS Electric Coil Cooktop

The chrome drip bowls help catch spills and remove for easy cleaning. The SpillGuard™ cooktop design also helps prevent spills from running over with its raised edges.

30" Coil Element Cooktop
High-Speed Coil Elements
(2) 8" Coil Elements - (2) 6" Coil Elements
Left Front: 1,250/940 Watts
Right Front: 2,100/1,575 Watts
Left Rear: 2,100/1,575 Watts
Right Rear: 1,250/940 Watts
Chrome Drip Bowls
Push-to-Turn Infinite-Heat Controls
240/208 Volts

Fuel Type: Electric
Left Front Element Type: Coil
Left Front Element Size (in): 6
Left Front Element Power (Watts): 1250
Right Front Element Type: Coil
Right Front Element Size (in): 8
Right Front Element Power (Watts): 2100
Left Rear Element Type: Coil
Left Rear Element Size (in): 8
Left Rear Element Power (Watts): 2100
Right Rear Element Type: Coil
Right Rear Element Size (in): 6
Right Rear Power (Watts): 1250

Burner Indicator Light

Cooktop Material: Stainless Steel

Overall Height: 2 7/8 Inches
Overall Width: 30 Inches
Overall Depth: 21 Inches

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