Canon DIGI SUPER 86 Tele XS HDTV Field Lens

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Canon DIGI SUPER 86 Tele XS HDTV Field Lens

The DIGI SUPER 86xs series offers the second longest zoom ratio among the family of six HDTV field lenses presently offered by Canon. There are two lenses in this category – the XJ86x9.3BIE-D wide-angle and the companion longer telephoto XJ86x13.5BIE-D – that further extend the flexibility

The DIGI SUPER 86xs series has become the most popular long field lens in the emerging fleets of HDTV mobile television facilities. Canon harnessed the best in optical, mechanical, and digital technologies to implement a long zoom lens that remains modest in its size and weight. Both lenses in the DIGI SUPER 86xs utilize an exceptional built-in image stabilization system to support such long zoom ratio operations.

These two lenses are intended for mobile truck operators, broadcasters, and major venue operators having as their foremost priority the greatest telephoto flexibility for high definition sports and entertainment event coverage. It can equally service the special needs of government (homeland security) and many institutional sectors of the market that might have long telephoto as a priority.


The DIGI SUPER 86xs design applied the most state of the art in Canon optical technologies to break a barrier in focal length range that many considered impossible. Canon's renowned engineering design optimization strategies were once again brilliantly applied to the unique technological challenges of providing full HDTV image quality while implementing control of focal length over the formidable range from 9.3mm to 800 mm for the XJ86x9.3BIE-D (1600 mm with extender) and an even longer 13.5 – 1161mm for the companion XJ86x13.5BIE-D (2322mm with extender). The designs paid particular attention to streamlining the ergonomics and physics of such challenging optical systems. The built-in optical image stabilization system (that makes such an unprecedented focal range practical) has earned industry acclaim.

The optimizations within the optical design successfully maintain a high MTF profile over the entire image plane when exercising the unprecedented 86:1 focal length change. A parallel optimization paid close attention to minimizing chromatic aberrations over this same focal range. Recognizing the especially challenging nature of sports and event coverage (that regularly encounter challenging low scene lighting) the lens designers also gave a special priority to achievement of an impressive maximum relative aperture of f 1.7 for the XJ86x9.3B and f 2.4 for the XJ86x13.5B.

Contrast was extended by superb control of black reproduction – with optical and mechanical design innovations that substantially reduced flare, veiling glare, and internal reflections. Similar attention to minimization of ghost images and other highlight-related chromatic distortions caused by strong light sources on-axis and off-axis further extend the operational contrast range of the lens. The resulting superb contrast range of these lenses augments their high picture sharpness. The combination ensures stunning picture clarity for sports, large events, and high-resolution surveillance imagery.

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