D-Link DVC-20 Varifocal Lens

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D-Link DVC-20 Varifocal Lens

The D-Link DVC-20 is Varifocal Lens that connects to both DVC-1000 and DVC-1100 i2eye VideoPhones.

The D-Link DVC-20 uses 2 X 4-8mm focal lens that provides extended video viewing coverage for your i2eye units. The field of view for DVC-20 is 66° to 63° horizontal, 38° to 20° vertical, and 66° to 33° diagonal compared to default i2eye lens field of view at 35° horizontal, 25° vertical and 46° diagonal. DVC-20 is also easily installed by turning the lens counter-clockwise to tighten and loose.

Product Features:

• Provides an Easy and Flexible Way to Cover a Wide Range of Viewing Needs
• Provides a Wide Angle View for Wider Coverage or "Zoom In" View for a Close-Up
• High Quality Glass Lens Elements