Leica Apo-Elmar-S 180 mm F/3.5 CS Lens

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Leica Apo-Elmar-S 180 mm F/3.5 CS Lens

With its extremely wide lens opening, the Apo-Elmar-S 180 mm F/3.5 CS telephoto lens enables photographers to take portrait shots with an incredibly shallow depth of field.

Special highly refractive glass with anomalous partial dispersion ensures apochromatic correction and a superb reproduction of contrasts, delivering outstanding results across the entire image field at all apertures.

The lens therefore reliably produces perfect images that don't require correction with software.

Equipped with an inner focus system, the Apo-Elmar-S 180 mm F/3.5 CS is effective even at a 1.5 metre minimum distance setting without jeopardising quality.

It is therefore possible to produce images with a 1:7 scale.

Similarly to all the s-system components, the lens is protected from moisture and is very versatile; the integrated focal plane shutter enables photography in studios with professional flash units.