Leica Apo-Summicron-R 180 mm f/2 Telephoto Lens

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Leica Apo-Summicron-R 180 mm f/2 Telephoto Lens

The extremely fast long telephoto lens with apochromatic correction guarantees flawless image quality all the way to the edge of the frame - and from infinity all the way down to the 1.5 meter (4ft 10in) close-up limit.

Even at the widest aperture pictures are produced with maximum contrast, optimum resolution and well-differentiated color reproduction.

It's the ideal telephoto lens for poor light conditions and when shooting over longer distances.

The shallow depth of field at wide apertures enhances the ability to use selective focus creatively, and in conjunction with the wide focusing ring, the inner focus adjuster makes silky smooth, highly accurate focusing possible.

The solid rotating and locking tripod attachment ensures user-friendly tripod work.