Leica Vario-Elmar-R 21-35 mm f/3.5-4 ASPH Lens

Leica Updated: 2009-02-09 RSS
Leica Vario-Elmar-R 21-35 mm f/3.5-4 ASPH Lens

Here's a light, compact zoom lens that covers the full range of frequently used wide-angle focal lengths.

Its picture quality is in line with the equivalent fixed focal length Leica lenses: very high contrast and resolution, neutral and rich color rendition, very low sensitivity to flare, and consistently high performance across virtually the entire image field at all distances.

This lens is very compact based on the use of two aspherical lens glass surfaces, one of which is produced by grinding and polishing on a concave surface - a first for Leica!

With its practical range of focal lengths and outstanding imaging performance, it is especially good at handling tasks which would otherwise require as many as four different wide-angle lenses: from framing a person to expansive landscape shots featuring great depth.

As a wide-angle zoom, it can be expanded into a universal outfit by adding only two other lenses - the LEICA VARIO-ELMAR-R 35-70 mm f/4 as a standard zoom, and the LEICA VARIO-ELMAR-R 80-200 mm f/4 as a telephoto zoom - to cover almost all shooting applications.

The digital back of the LEICA R9 also benefits from the focal length range of this excellent optic.