JVC XA-SD1 SD Audio Player

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JVC XA-SD1 SD Audio Player

The JVC XA-SD1 is a small SD Player which can decode AAC and MP3. It uses a 64mb SD card, which will allow 64 minutes of downloadable music. The XA-SD1 includes Application software (CD-ROM) OS: Windows 98 only, 64mb SD card and USB R/W (reader/writer)


* Miniature SD Audio Player
* uses 64 mb SD Chip (Stamp size)
* Audio Formats: Dual decoding. AAC and MP3 Decoders Built in
* Application software (CD-ROM) Microsoft® Windows® 98/98 Second Edition, Windows® Me, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP compatible.
* USB R/W (reader/writer)
* LCD Display shows Track, Title, Artist
* Battery Charger, Headphones, Battery case, CDROM, USB reader/writer, pouch, 64k memory card, extension cord
* Hyper-Bass Sound (on/off)
* Headphone output
* 3-Key Headphone Remote Control
* Auto Power-Off
* Hold Switch
* Accessories provided: External battery case, uses alkaline and rechargeable batteries
* Weight: 8.3 oz (w/o batt.)
* Width: 2 1/8
* Height: 1 3/16
* Depth: 2 9/16
* Battery Charger (AC-R129)
* Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
* 2 Channels, Stereo, 2.5mW x 2
* nominal Impedance: 32 ohms
* Recording Time: High Quality: approx. 64 minutes (128kbps AAC) Standard : approx. 86 minutes (96kbps AAC) Long play : approx. 129 minutes (64kbps AAC)

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