JVC XM-PJ1 Portable MD Player

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JVC XM-PJ1 Portable MD Player

The JVC XM-PJ1 is a compact portable mini-disc player with 40 second shock protection to insure uninterrupted musical fun. A remote control is provided with a jog control for easy operation and a 10-character, back-lit LCD display that can show titles as well as track & time information.


* 40-second Shock Protection
* ACB (Active Clear Bass)
* Long 16-hour playback (with batteries)
* Short recharge time (1.5 hours)
* Random and Repeat play modes
* Headphone output
* Remote control with backlit LCD Display
* Eject Lock
* Hold switch
* Slim, compact and lightweight. Push and Eject Mechansim
* AC adapter, Foldable-banded headphones provided
* 4 Rechargeable batteries included
* Weight: 4.4 oz (w/o batt.)
* Width: 3 5/16"
* Height: 13/16"

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