Polk Audio miDock Portfolio Portable Audio

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Polk Audio miDock Portfolio Portable Audio

With Polk's miDock Portfolio, you can listen to your iPod anytime, anywhere. The miDock's compact and light size enables you to carry it around in your briefcase or bag, wherever you're going. Bring it to work, to school or on vacation. Don't have access to an outlet? Don't worry, the miDock can operate on 4 AA batteries (not included) for over 8 hours! Of course, you can also plug it in with the supplied AC adaptor for unlimited listening.

The miDock Portfolio is compatible with all iPod models, and has an auxiliary input for other MP3 players or computer. We supply adaptors to accommodate all the iPod generations, including the Mini and Nano. The Shuffle and iPhone can connect through the auxiliary input. The docking station will even charge your iPod while it is plugged in. (special note- will not charge, but will play 4th Gen Nano and 2nd Gen Touch)

Don't let the miDock Portfolio's unobtrusive looks fool you. The high-efficiency digital amplification technology makes the speakers sound much bigger than they actually are. The digital amplification technology is paired with four metal cone micro drivers. This means that each channel, left and right, has two speakers dedicated to high quality performance. If you compare the miDock Portfolio with similar units (even those that are priced much higher), you'll be shocked by how much better the miDock Portfolio sounds.

We know there are a million iPod docks out there. Why should you choose Polk's? The miDock Portfolio is the easiest to travel with (it folds flat), it comes with a protective case, and it's the best-sounding, ultra-compact portable iPod dock you can buy.

Features Include:

* ultra compact portable audio player
* compatible with all iPod models (iPod shuffle & iPhone uses auxiliary input)
* high efficiency digital amplification
* Auxiliary Input for use with other audio sources like computer, portable CD player, etc.
* Charges your iPod when docked
* AC or battery powered (4 AA batteries not included)
* Includes a padded Protective Carry case
* Compact Dimensions (6-3/8" H x 7-7/8" W x 4-5/8" D).
* Available in Black or White