Polk Audio miDock Studio

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Polk Audio miDock Studio

Polk Audio's best portable iPod sound system

The miDock Studio combines high-quality sound and convenience in an elegant package. Studio's black/white two-tone color scheme makes all color iPods look their best while Polk's legendary acoustic design makes it stand out as the best performer in its class. Simply plug in your iPod and enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere you go. The miDock Studio operates while plugged in to AC or with batteries (eight C Cells, not included), and charges your iPod while it is docked (special note- will not charge, but will play 4th Gen Nano and 2nd Gen Touch). An Apple iPod port allows you to plug it directly into your computer with your iPod to USB cable and upload songs without having to undock your iPod. MiDock Studio's remote control allows you to change tracks and control volume from across the room.

Great sound from a compact, easily transportable design
The miDock Studio audio system generates rich bass and open, boxless sound with wide, deep stereo imaging not found in any other portable iPod dock. The two 3.25" full-range drivers and tuned port enclosure produce high-performance sound, and the stylish slanted design provides an optimal acoustic listening range. The result is studio quality sound anywhere.

What are the differences between the Polk miDocks?
The miDock Portfolio, miDock10, and miDock Studio all provide high-quality sound for iPod playback, but each has a slightly different feature set.

Cabinet Size: 5-13/16" H x 17-1/8" W x 7-11/16" D
(14.76cm H x 43.50cm W x 19.53cm D)