Samsung YP-K3JAB MP3 Player

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Samsung YP-K3JAB MP3 Player

At just 0.27” thin, the SAMSUNG K3 is the slimmest subscription-enabled MP3 player on the market, yet it's a powerhouse of desirable features. It boasts up to 4GB of flash memory and can store up to 2000 songs. You can enjoy MP3/WMA music privately, or share it through the smallest integrated portable docking speakers (available separately). Plus, you can view JPEG photos and tune into your favorite FM radio stations.

astonishingly slim
The sophisticated K3 is also a model of simplicity and convenience. It measures a scant 3.8" long X 1.8" wide X 0.27" thick and weighs a mere 1.7 ounces - perfectly sized for the gym, the subway, or when you're on the go.

playback time
The YP-K3JAB player comes with 4GB of flash memory. The battery lasts up to 25 hours - then for longer life, pop in its additional battery, and you're good to go for a very long time.

enjoy hands-free portability
It's easy to take the K3 anywhere; a clasp easily attaches it to backpacks or belt loops for secure hands-free portability, while the protective chassis of the speakers keeps the unit safe and sound.

add docking speakers for an instant concert
A conveniently designed portable docking speaker makes it a breeze for others to share in the fun. Plus, the speaker doesn't add any bulk. In fact, it looks more like a slipcase than a speaker.

Simply slip it on and enjoy the music - even on the road.

user friendly
The K3 has a large 1.8" full-color OLED and touch pad that illuminates the sleek surface with a blue-white light. The user interface, which has won rave reviews, has intuitive navigation, and is the essence of cool.

rich sound that rivals home systems
Thanks to Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe) - SAMSUNG's critically acclaimed audio technology - the K3 delivers clear sound that's on par with home stereo systems. DNSe produces remarkable, three-dimensional audio, for a true-to-life experience. And specially calibrated, bass-rich EP370 buds are engineered to deliver full, state-of-the-art sound directly to your ears.

seamless downloads
The K3 is picture perfect. Windows Media® DRM ensures that all your multimedia files are compatible for seamless transfers via the user-friendly SAMSUNG Media Studio; Windows Media PlaysForSure allows effortless sharing between devices.